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SMI's 2015 Mid-Year Marine Energy Report

The SMI Water Power team has been hard at work through the first half of 2015 representing the interests of the marine energy industry here in Washington. SMI has worked closely with its clients, the National Hydropower Association's (NHA) Marine Energy Council (MEC), and other interested parties to increase the U.S. Federal Government's support for the commercialization of advanced water power technologies. The SMI Water Power team has drafted a Mid 2015 Mid-Year Marine Energy Report that provides updates on its activities during the past six months, along with news highlights from the industry and a schedule of upcoming events.

In general, SMI continues to implement government marketing strategies to position the marine renewable energy industry for increased federal support for advanced technology development, demonstration and deployment. These investments are necessary to accelerate the material contribution of advanced water power technologies to U.S. and global energy, economic and environmental goals.

With the new Republican majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives, SMI has been asked more frequently why scarce federal resources should be used to support emerging marine renewable technologies when solar and wind power have become relatively competitive with fossil fuel electricity generation. SMI argues in response that if it can drive down costs, the marine energy industry represents a significant opportunity to enable a U.S. clean energy future. Marine energy is also "close to load" and can be considered predictable, "base load" power. While these are compelling responses, SMI would also appreciate help in sharing industry success stories which highlight progress toward technology commercialization with our federal champions.

The SMI Water Power team looks forward to working with its clients through the remainder of 2015 when much will be decided about future federal funding for the marine energy industry. Please feel free to reach out to the team with any thoughts or ideas on how SMI can be even more effective for the industry.