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SMI's Marine Renewable Energy Mid-Year Review July 2016

The SMI water power team continues to work on multiple fronts supporting the interests of the marine renewable energy industry here in Washington.  Our key focus is on increasing the U.S. Federal Government's support for the commercialization of advanced water power technologies.
Since our last report in April, we continue to lobby Congress to re-authorize and provide increased funding support for the marine energy R&D activities at the U.S. Department of Energy. We have engaged DOE staff to ensure the water power program is focused on the industry's priorities. We also worked with our congressional champions to secure additional funding for important Department of Defense programs to test and develop marine energy systems. The report below provides additional details on these activities, along with recent news on marine energy projects from around the world.
Finally, if your organization benefits from federal funding support related to water power technology development, please consider joining the National Hydropower Association's Marine Energy Council (MEC). The MEC annual dues are relatively low compared to other trade associations in Washington. We believe the MEC provides important leadership and advocacy, new partnerships and valuable information that can be helpful to your firm's growth prospects.
Thanks for your continued interest in marine energy. Enjoy the rest of your summer!