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Weekly Debrief #51

Aarzu Maknojia, Friday, October 30, 2020

1. Lawmakers Hope Election Releases Pressure on Stimulus Talks

(The Hill) Lawmakers in both parties see a deal on a new coronavirus relief package as more likely in the lame-duck session, once the election is over. Senate lawmakers and aides say that Sen. McConnell and Speaker Pelosi have strong incentive to get a coronavirus relief deal done in the lame-duck session because it will make it easier to put together a full-year annual appropriations package before Christmas.

2. Pentagon Unveils New Electromagnetic Spectrum Strategy

(NDIA) The DoD released a strategy for maintaining military superiority across the electronic spectrum. The five strategic goals include: develop superior EMS capabilities; evolve to an agile and fully integrated EMS infrastructure; pursue total force readiness in the EMS; secure enduring partnerships for EMS advantage; and establish effective EMS governance. The implementation could have a broad impact on acquisitions and legacy system upgrades.

3. How Coronavirus is Permanently Changing the Defense Industry's Culture

(Politico) While the pandemic upended the defense industry in March, companies quickly adopted best practices. Over the past seven months, many companies have gone beyond the initial steps to protect the health of their employees and have changes how they operate in other areas of their business. This includes adding benefits for the workforce, increasing the use of virtual communications and protecting supply chains.

4. What Clinton's Foreign Affairs Article May Mean for the Defense Budget

(Defense One) In a recent article, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton argued that the COVID-19 crisis should prompt the United States to rethink its national security priorities. She proposes a two-pronged approach that would modernize the military at a reduced cost and re-invest the savings from this in domestic research and development and manufacturing capabilities.

5. In a COVID-19 World, System Integration is the Best Approach

(C4ISRNET) Lt. Gen. David Mann (ret.) and Maj. Gen. Francis Mahon (ret.) note that "COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways and will levy a bill on our defense budgets." They argue that "we cannot allow integration programs or initiatives to become COVID-19 casualties" because integration programs like Project Convergence are "the most critical elements in managing a crisis and keeping it from becoming a catastrophe.
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