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DOD R&D - Nanomaterials for Bone Regeneration

SMI Case Study: DOD R&D - Nanomaterials for Bone Regeneration

SMI works with University client to build expertise and capability in the area of regenerative medicine involving nanomaterials.

SMI introduced client to key program managers at Army Medical to develop a program around bone regeneration.

SMI then worked with Congress to secure approximately $4 million to conduct research and generate data.

SMI helped client promote the promising results to Army Medical and DARPA resulting in invitations to submit full proposals to advance to FDA approval. 

Client was selected for a $5 million award under the DARPA Fracture Putty program.

SMI is also working with client to support a spin out company to complete FDA trials on the nanoscaffold for bone regeneration, and to commercialize the product.

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