Advanced Carbon Nanotube Volume Production

SMI Case Study: Advanced Carbon Nanotube Volume Production

SMI’s client was the first company to develop a cost efficient process to manufacturing Carbon Nanotube (CNT) yarn, sheet, and tape materials at commercial scale.  CNT materials increase the survivability and lethality of sea, air, land, and orbital defense systems by creating extremely strong, lightweight products, which are immune to normal mechanical and thermal cycling fatigue and can operate in a broad environmental envelope.

SMI assisted the client in developing and implementing a plan to secure DPA Title III funding to expand the domestic production capacity of this critical defense item and to expedite its introduction into systems that would assist the U.S. warfighter.  Product examples include lightweight armor, ultra-lightweight electrical cables, advanced structural composites, EMI shields, antennas, and improved lithium ion batteries.

SMI’s assistance resulted in the client securing $22 million in DPA Title III funding and additional research and development funding to further improve CNT materials and its uses in defense and commercial applications.

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