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DOE ARPA-E - Atomic Layer Deposition R&D

SMI Case Study: DOE ARPA-E - Atomic Layer Deposition R&D

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) allows single layers of atoms to be coated onto target surfaces, achieving highly specific material properties.  Though ALD can achieve unique material properties, the process has previously been too slow and expensive to pursue except in very high value added applications.

SMI client developed a high throughput ALD process which is revolutionizing product development and manufacturing by utilizing "Spatial ALD." SMI started working with client to help secure further development funding and broaden the acceptance of this new approach.

SMI is working with multiple government and academic entities in support of this goal.  SMI introduced client to a University partner, who is improving the performance of their solid-oxide fuel cell technology.  The university immediately saw the potential value in including SMI client in a proposal to the ARPA-E.  In less than six months after the initial client engagement with SMI, the university was selected for funding. 

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