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DOE ARPA-E - Superconducting Materials R&D

SMI Case Study: DOE ARPA-E - Superconducting Materials R&D

SMI helped client develop a strategy and identify commercialization partners to develop a superconducting rotor pole magnet for ARPA-e REACT (Rare Earth Alternatives in Critical Technologies) solicitation. 

Although the proposal received favorable reviews, ARPA-e ultimately decided to fund more conventional approaches to reducing the cost of superconducting materials. After this initial setback, SMI identified the ARPA-e program manager and technical advisors who were most interested in superconductivity and helped facilitate face-to-face meetings between ARPA-e personnel and SMI client. During these meetings, the client was able to explain their approach to lowering the cost of superconducting materials and gained insight into how to strengthen their chances of receiving an award in a subsequent solicitation.  

SMI again helped client assemble a team of respected partners and develop a revised proposal for the highly competitive solicitation.   

Client's proposal to develop a novel low-cost superconducting material was awarded $3.8 million.

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