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New Geothermal Energy Technology

SMI Case Study: New Geothermal Energy Technology

SMI worked to build a relationship with the Department of Energy’s Geothermal office for high temperature materials for down hole geothermal, exchanged concept papers with DOE to refine program plan and identified funding opportunities for the client, including a new project call from DOE referred to as the Xlerator program, which supported promising technologies that had initial funding through the DOE SBIR program.

SMI worked to track, understand, and influence the shaping of the new Xlerator program leading to solicitation, keeping the client informed and ready to respond.

Notified DOE Geothermal office champion for the client technology about the Xlerator opportunity and to look for a proposal.

SMI then advised and reviewed client proposals to DOE, and monitored proposal evaluation process and informed client when to expect award announcement.

The DOE Xlerator program awarded $1.9 million to client.

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