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New Marine Renewable Energy Technologies

SMI Case Study: New Marine Renewable Energy Technologies

SMI was instrumental in re-establishing a robust advanced water power technology program within the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Wind and Water Power Technologies.  The goal of the new program is to develop, demonstrate and deploy new marine renewable energy technologies to effectively capture the energy of waves, tides, ocean currents, and free flowing rivers to convert the power to electricity and other products. 

SMI worked closely with Congress to secure over $300 million for MHK technology development and testing funding since 2007, and the establishment of a stand-alone water power program at DOE;

SMI also worked closely with a number of Department of Defense programs to promote emerging water power technologies and secure DOD support for technology advancement and testing;

SMI promoted and secured support for the establishment of the Navy’s Wave Energy Test Center in Hawaii, which hosted its first two DOE-funded technology demonstrations in 2015;

SMI has successfully represented over 20 MHK clients since 2007, including technology development firms, university research institutes, and trade associations.

In 2014, SMI was instrumental in establishing the Marine Energy Council, a new trade association hosted at the National Hydropower Association, to more effectively represent the marine hydrokinetic industry and SMI client interests at the national and international levels;

Since 2008, SMI clients received over $150 million in federal funding from DOE’s Water Power Program and the Department of Defense.

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