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Early Detection of Heart Attacks

SMI Case Study: Early Detection of Heart Attacks

Early diagnosis of heart attacks improves patient outcomes, saves lives and decreases medical costs.

SMI client licensed a highly-sensitive technology for the detection of biowarfare agents and was seeking funds to adapt this technology to the detection of heart attack biomarkers.

SMI worked with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research’s Department of Molecular Pathology to ensure that development of a heart attack diagnostic fit within their existing programs for biological agent detection.

Concurrently, SMI lobbied Congress to add funds to the appropriations bill for Army’s Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) that would fund the research and development, testing and manufacturing tasks required for the development of the Sensera diagnostic.

SMI was successful in securing $2 million for a USAMRMC program to develop a transportable, easy-to-use, early and rapid diagnostic system for U.S. Army medical facilities to diagnose heart attacks in patients exhibiting chest pains.

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