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Early Warning System for Dehydration

SMI Case Study: Early Warning System for Dehydration

SMI university client's bioengineering researchers developed an algorithm to detect early signs of blood loss and hypothesized that this same algorithm could also provide early warning of dehydration.

SMI worked with key staff at USAMRMC and TATRC to raise awareness of client's capabilities in biomedical engineering and specific technology development efforts in physiological monitoring, helped WPI prepare presentations and white papers prior to meetings with government staff, and facilitated the conversation about the Army’s needs and requirements in physiological monitoring.

The Army’s feedback was used to shape a research and development project to develop a miniature, wireless sensor that monitors a number of parameters, including body movement and posture.

SMI supported client’s submission to the Army’s program by editing the final proposal, tracking the submission of the white paper and proposal, and tracking the timing of funding.

This work resulted in the competitive award of a three-year $1.9M grant from USAMRMC and TATRC for development and testing for a wireless sensor.

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