New Test for Prostate Cancer

SMI Case Study: New Test for Prostate Cancer

Detection of prostate cancer have an unacceptably high false negative rate or lead to expensive and invasive confirmatory testing. New technologies for early detection of prostate cancer in active military men are needed to improve the quality of healthcare and decrease healthcare costs.

SMI client holds an exclusive license for applications involving a gene that is expressed only in men with prostate cancer. Client needed funding to further develop and test a molecular test for detecting the expression of the cancer-specific gene in urine following a rectal exam, with the goal of commercializing a reliable and non-invasive early diagnostic for prostate cancer

SMI worked to add $5 million to the Army’s Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) appropriations bill to fund the development of a non-invasive prostate cancer screening system.

Through SMI’s efforts, USAMRMC appropriation was increased by $5 million, which was directed to SMI client for the development of the genetic assay for prostate cancer.

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