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Dept. of Commerce Manufacturing Partnership Award

SMI Case Study: Dept. of Commerce Manufacturing Partnership Award

SMI University client hosts a NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership and sought to secure one of twelve nationwide Economic Development Administration (EDA) grants to operate a new Innovative Manufacturing Community Partnership (IMCP) program.

SMI worked with key leadership and staff at the Commerce Department to raise awareness of client's capabilities in manufacturing consulting and advisory services.  SMI helped client prepare presentations and white papers prior to meetings with Commerce staff, and facilitated the conversation about how to best position UT for an award.

SMI supported UT’s submission to the Commerce IMCP program by editing the final proposal, tracking the submission of proposal, and the Congressional appropriations cycle.

SMI then lobbied Commerce staff to ensure fair consideration of the proposal and provided a communication strategy to the relevant Congressional delegation so they could also ensure that Commerce was aware that this program was a priority for the State.

This work resulted in the competitive award and will enable eleven federal agencies with $1.3 billion in economic development funds to use the awardee’s  plans to make targeted investments to strengthen regional manufacturing.

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