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The world’s most cutting edge, highest performing technologies are enabled by advanced materials.  Whether it be composites, novel metal alloys, or nanomaterials - materials play a crucial role in enhancing attributes like strength, high temperature performance and resistance to chemical attack.  SMI’s network and expertise with capturing federal funding for materials companies is unmatched, and its efforts have played a direct role in the corporate growth for many firms from the beginning.

  • Capabilities

    SMI’s technical staff includes engineers and scientists who have the expertise and experience to become integral partners with our clients in the growth of their advanced materials operations.  We can work with clients with materials at the basic research level all the way through the technology and manufacturing readiness scales to production scale up.  We engage with federal agencies to identify and enable funding opportunities to mature technology, pre-position clients for funding capture, and facilitate supply chain partnerships that can lead to investment, licensing and acquisition. 

  • Case Studies
  • Team

    SMI’s Advanced Materials team is made up of engineers and PhD-level scientists, former federal agency program managers, industry leaders, and lobbyists experienced with all aspects of materials technology development, policy, and program funding. Each materials technology client benefits from the combined experiences and perspectives of this unique team to gain insight into the government’s needs, priorities, and interests for advanced materials.

    SMI Team: Glen T. Mandigo

    Glen T. Mandigo

    President & CEO
    SMI Team: Bill McCann

    Bill McCann

    Chief Operating Officer
    SMI Team: Ted Lynch

    Ted Lynch

    SMI Team: Mark Gillman

    Mark Gillman

    Senior Vice President
    SMI Team: Damian Kunko

    Damian Kunko

    Senior Vice President for BD
    SMI Team: Ken Wetzel

    Ken Wetzel

    Senior Vice President
    SMI Team: Bill Berl

    Bill Berl

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Steve Chalk

    Steve Chalk

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Patrick Davis

    Patrick Davis

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Mike Stacy

    Mike Stacy

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Pat Malloy

    Pat Malloy

    SMI Team: Dennis Padilla

    Dennis Padilla

    Senior Contracting Specialist
    SMI Team: Aarzu Maknojia

    Aarzu Maknojia

    Junior Associate
    SMI Team: Richa Patel

    Richa Patel

    Junior Associate

  • Advisors

    David Anhalt

    25+ years of experience in air and space systems

    Sharon Beermann-Curtin

    30 years of experience in tech development and transition of innovative solutions to warfighter

    Roger Crane, Ph.D.

    30 years of Composites Expertise and Navy (NAVSEA) advanced materials work

    Doug Deason, Ph.D.

    Previous Director of Advanced Research for the Missile Defense Agency

    Jon DeVault

    Led DARPA Composites Initiative - 20 years of Executive leadership in advanced materials

    Mike Dubberly

    Head of the Structures Division at Naval Air Systems Command

    Alex Fleming

    25+ years of technical leadership managing teams in extreme-environment system designs

    Robert "Bob" Hamlen, Ph.D.

    Chief of the Power Division at the U.S. Army's CERDEC

    Robert "Bob" Johns

    Global Director of New Business for advanced technologies at Dow Corning Corporation

    David Maass

    Business Development Manager for Dow-UT and founder of Advanced Composite Products

    Michael ‘Mick’ Maher

    Advanced materials and manufacturing experience with DARPA

    Richard Matlock

    40 years of experience in government service and major acquisitions

    Timothy McCoy, Ph.D.

    Director of the U.S. Navy's Electric Ships Office (PMS-320)

    Charles "Chip" Roth

    Senior Project Engineer at Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin

    C. Matthew Sagely

    25+ years of senior Washington leadership spanning several issue areas

    BG John “Jack” Schmitt

    Asst. CoS for Operations, Kosovo Forces, Director of Army Digitization, Boeing executive

    Gilbert Siegert

    Former Air Force officer, DoD space technology and policy expert

    Denise Swink

    Vice Chairman, National Materials and Manufacturing Board at NAS