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Developing next generation technology and capabilities is critical to maintaining superiority over our nation’s adversaries and addressing other key national priorities. SMI’s defense technology team secures the funding and partnerships necessary to accelerate innovation to meet ever-evolving threats. Our understanding of future defense requirements and the Pentagon’s unique culture ensures that clients identify the right market upfront and develop the industry and government relationships to capture the funds they need to succeed.

  • Capabilities

    SMI’s defense technology team is well-versed in the capability gaps of the Department of Defense and the priority investment areas for research and development. We work with clients to pre-position them with government decision-makers to create a pipeline of funding opportunities and develop new partnerships so that their technology can be matured and brought to market without delay.

  • Case Studies
  • Team

    SMI’s defense technology team is comprised of scientists, engineers, former federal program managers, industry leaders, and lobbyists that are experts in the Department of Defense’s technology development efforts. Our experience with innovation from inside the government and working on behalf of technology clients provides us with an unrivaled ability to position our clients for success.

    SMI Team: Glen T. Mandigo

    Glen T. Mandigo

    President & CEO
    SMI Team: Bill McCann

    Bill McCann

    Chief Operating Officer
    SMI Team: Damian Kunko

    Damian Kunko

    Vice President for Business Development
    SMI Team: Ted Lynch

    Ted Lynch

    SMI Team: Mark Gillman

    Mark Gillman

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Patrick Davis

    Patrick Davis

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Paul Gay

    Paul Gay

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Mike Stacy

    Mike Stacy

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Ken Wetzel

    Ken Wetzel

    Vice President
    SMI Staff: Pat Malloy

    Pat Malloy

    SMI Team: Dennis Padilla

    Dennis Padilla

    Senior Contracting Specialist

  • Advisors

    Sarah Blackwood

    15 years of experience in the energy and transportation policy and appropriations

    Erin Bland

    DOD / Navy technology development, management and transition expert

    Roger Crane, Ph.D.

    30 years of Composites Expertise and Navy (NAVSEA) advanced materials work

    Jon DeVault

    Led DARPA Composites Initiative - 20 years of Executive leadership in advanced materials

    Colonel Mike DeYoung

    U.S. Army Liaison officer to the U.S. House of Representatives

    Tom DiGiuseppe, Ph.D.

    Business development manager for Physical Sciences, Inc. and Foster-Miller, Inc.

    Phil "PJ" Dougherty

    20+ years of DOE renewable energy experience

    Mike Dubberly

    Head of the Structures Division at Naval Air Systems Command

    Alex Fleming

    demonstrated over 25 years of innovation and technical leadership managing diverse teams in extreme-environment system designs

    Douglas Freitag

    20 years of experience with federal business development and market research

    Captain Theodore Hack

    30 year career in US Navy Submarine Force. Expert on shipbuilding and submarine programs.

    Robert "Bob" Hamlen, Ph.D.

    Chief of the Power Division at the U.S. Army's CERDEC

    Cathy Day Handford

    Over 35 years of experience in national security, cybersecurity, defense, and intelligence.

    Sam Horton

    Engineer in the Navy office of Mine and Undersea Warfare and Sen. Snowe staff

    George Kachen, Ph.D.

    Senior Director of Technology Transfer at UMass-Lowell

    Jim Kohlenberger

    Chief of Staff for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

    David Maass

    Business Development Manager for Dow-UT and founder of Advanced Composite Products

    Michael ‘Mick’ Maher

    Advanced materials and manufacturing experience with DARPA

    Timothy McCoy, Ph.D.

    Director of the U.S. Navy's Electric Ships Office (PMS-320)

    Tobin McGregor

    Technology transfer expert and technology commercialization manager at NIST MEP

    Colonel Jack O'Neill

    30 years of active duty in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    Captain Pat Peterson

    Former Naval Aviator and member of the Chief of Naval Operations Staff

    Marcia Price

    U.S. military body armor and armored vehicle procurement and technology expert

    Charles "Chip" Roth

    Senior Project Engineer at Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin

    Vinny Schaper

    Director of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) at DHS

    Brigadier General John “Jack” Schmitt

    Former Asst. Chief of Staff for Operations, Kosovo Forces, Director of Army Digitization Office and Boeing Director of Brigade Combat Team Modernization Programs

    Gilbert Siegert

    Space technology and policy expertise

    Colonel Thomas Stautz

    Manager of research and develop efforts for Special Operations and Programs community

    James Tegnelia, Ph.D.

    Director of the DTRA and VP of DOD Programs at Sandia National Labs

    Anthony "Tony" Tether, Ph.D.

    Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency from 2001 through 2009

    C. Matthew Sagely

    Over twenty-five years of senior Washington leadership experience spanning appropriations, infrastructure, agriculture, and health care