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Investment in basic and applied research in the life sciences is critical for discovery and innovation in plant, animal and human health. SMI helps university investigators and early stage biotechnology companies secure non-dilutive federal funding for basic research as well as the development of novel research tools. Especially critical for early-stage companies, non-dilutive federal funds attract additional investment from risk averse venture capital funds and private investors, thus ensuring a successful translation into commercially viable products.

  • Capabilities

    SMI’s Life Sciences team of technical experts and former government officials is uniquely positioned to assist university researchers and early biotechnology companies secure federal funds for basic and applied research. SMI’s Life Sciences team supports our clients in identifying and connecting with relevant federal funders while providing the technical input required to successfully capture competitive awards. SMI evaluates all potential applications of technologies for companies, seeking to expand their federal and commercial market. We also identify federal, academic and industry partners who can evaluate and validate early technologies. For universities and academic institutions, we facilitate interaction with relevant federal funders, spurring innovation and technology development.

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  • Team

    SMI’s Life Sciences team is comprised of PhD-level scientists with extensive experience in shaping, writing, and reviewing successful proposals for federal funds for a wide range of technology development projects. We served as technical experts for a range of federal agencies including NIH, DTRA, DHS, and CDC, gaining valuable insights into how the government evaluates and funds programs in technology development. SMI’s technical staff is supplemented by a team of former high level government officials familiar with HHS and DOD research and development efforts and programs, and agency-wide policy initiatives. The Life Sciences team works in close coordination with SMI’s lobbyists in securing Congressional support for technology development and funding.

    SMI Team: Glen T. Mandigo

    Glen T. Mandigo

    President & CEO
    SMI Team: Paul Gay

    Paul Gay

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Patricia Rojas-Ungar

    Patricia Rojas-Ungar

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Pat Malloy

    Pat Malloy

    SMI Team: Dr. David Visi

    Dr. David Visi

    SMI Team: Dennis Padilla

    Dennis Padilla

    Senior Contracting Specialist

  • Advisors

    Douglas Freitag

    20 years of experience with federal business development and market research

    John Frazier Glenn, Ph.D.

    Principal Asst. Research and Technology at the Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

    Robert "Bob" Johns

    Global Director of New Business for advanced technologies at Dow Corning Corporation

    Alan Liss, Ph.D.

    Directed the Public Health and Security Action Team Program at FDA

    Kathryn Pate, Ph.D.

    15+ years of medical research experience

    Gerald Quinnan, Jr., M.D.

    Senior executive in the FDA and the DOD medical school

    C. Matthew Sagely

    25+ years of senior Washington leadership spanning several issue areas

    Gina Schatteman, Ph.D.

    Technical writer, academic researcher, and member of 25+ biomedical grant review panels