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Investment into basic and applied research conducted by university investigators is critical for discovery and innovation in virtually all technical fields. SMI supports university research teams by creating opportunities and securing federal funding for basic research that align with the government’s needs. SMI’s varied expertise and diverse networks enable high levels of success in the entire process from project concept development through funding capture.

  • Capabilities

    SMI’s University Research team consists of both technical experts and former government officials. This uniquely positions SMI to assist university researchers secure federal funds for basic and applied research. SMI’s University Research team supports clients identify and connect with relevant federal decision makers while providing the technical input required to successfully capture competitive awards.

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  • Team

    SMI’s University Research team is comprised of a unique combination of PhD-level scientists, former government officials and lobbyists. This combination of expertise assists universities generate project ideas and position them for funding. SMI engages Congress and the federal agencies to create opportunities, pre-position clients for funding capture, and facilitate partnerships to maximize success.

    SMI Team: Glen T. Mandigo

    Glen T. Mandigo

    President & CEO
    SMI Team: Bill McCann

    Bill McCann

    Chief Operating Officer
    SMI Team: Mark Gillman

    Mark Gillman

    Senior Vice President
    SMI Team: Damian Kunko

    Damian Kunko

    Senior Vice President for BD
    SMI Team: Ken Wetzel

    Ken Wetzel

    Senior Vice President
    SMI Team: Bill Berl

    Bill Berl

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Patricia Rojas-Ungar

    Patricia Rojas-Ungar

    Vice President
    SMI Team: Jeremy Steslicki

    Jeremy Steslicki

    Vice President

  • Advisors

    Doug Deason, Ph.D.

    Previous Director of Advanced Research for the Missile Defense Agency

    Kathryn Pate, Ph.D.

    15+ years of medical research experience