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Bill Purdy

Mr. Bill Purdy is the founder of Purdy Engineering, a company in business for 20 years presently providing consulting services to the New Space community in the spacecraft systems engineering and spacecraft mechanisms fields. Mr. Purdy has had a 30 year career in space, working with a diverse set of projects.  His career has included satellites ranging from a hundred pounds to ten thousand pounds, being involved in all phases of projects, from a blank sheet design to the on-orbit retirement of 15-year-old satellites. Positions held include lead systems engineer, program manager, mechanisms lead and senior mechanisms advisor. Mr. Purdy has had a hands on role in 33 flown satellites and over 50 flight mechanisms.

Mr. Purdy focuses his present efforts on the exciting world of New Space working to realize the savings and advantages of a more streamlined approach to satellite development and production.  These efforts are informed by his roles on: (i) traditional big space programs, (ii) high risk fast paced satellite developments and (iii) the ongoing support of several New Space efforts.  This broad background enables Mr. Purdy to provide unique insights for New Space ventures such as: (i) how to succeed in fast paced high risk environment, (ii) how to move from innovation into production, and (iii) which traditional space practices are to be avoided and which are to be retained.