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Jeff Leahey

SMI Staff: Jeff Leahey
Vice President

Leahey previously served as the Executive Vice President for Government Affairs of the National Hydropower Association (NHA). In his 17 years of service at NHA, Mr. Leahey led the organization’s legislative, regulatory and legal policy work to advance the hydropower, pumped storage and marine energy industries. He represented NHA before Congress, the Administration, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and federal resource agencies on matters including climate and clean energy policy, renewable energy tax incentives, hydropower licensing reform, R&D funding for waterpower technologies and many others. He has experience testifying before Congress, drafting legislative policy and developing comments on regulatory and administrative proposals.


Mr. Leahey currently serves on the Board of the National Energy Resources Organization (NERO) and is an Advisory Board member for NHA. He is a graduate of Northeastern University Law School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis.